Chat Marketing Training And Services For Wedding Professionals, Venues, And Educators

Learn how to save time, make more, and generate wedding inquiries on autopilot every day using a strategy that hardly anyone else in the industry even knows about.


A Revolutionary Way Of Marketing Your Wedding Business

Get your ideal wedding clientele to find, know, like, and trust you enough to hire you. All on platforms and channels that they're using every single day.


Why Multi-Channel Marketing (Messenger, Email, And SMS) Is The Future Of Wedding Marketing

  • 86% of couples announce their engagement on social media.
  • 83% of wedding planning is done online.
  • 104.9 million monthly active users of Facebook Messenger.
  • 6.08 million monthly downloads of Facebook Messenger worldwide.
  • 100% of engaged couples utilize email and SMS everyday.
  • 1.3 billion monthly active users of Facebook Messenger.


What is chat marketing and what are the benefits for your wedding business?


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Nice to meet you!

Wedding Chat Marketing helps wedding professionals get consistent, quality wedding leads on autopilot using Messenger, email, and SMS marketing.

It's run by yours truly, Henry. I've been a wedding photographer for over 12 years.

Having interacted with several hundred couples and photographed over 450 weddings, I've been able to determine what works (and doesn't work) when it comes to marketing.

I look forward to sharing with you all about chat marketing and helping you implement it in your own wedding business.

Henry Chen


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